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This page links to both print and electronic journals subscribed by Covenant Library System. Location of print journals and number of years held are indicated. All CLS-subscribed electronic journals are accessible from MEDLINE and other bibliographic databases. This means that while searching for articles in MEDLINE you can link to the full-text of an article from Ovid, MDConsult (MDC) and InfoTrac's Health Reference Center (HRC). Clicking on the database will take you to the service.

"Link to publisher website" points to journal websites that provide subscription information, table of contents, abstracts, and some full text articles.

E-Journal List includes 97 titles we subscribe through Ovid. Using Ovid's Jumpstart feature, the list provides a direct link to a journal of your choice. When you click on a title on this list, you will be taken to the "Issues Display" list for that journal in [email protected] database. View table of contents of the most recent issue or back issues, and retrieve full-text articles.

We have also added journals that are linked from Health Source Plus of Ebsco Information Services in BadgerLink website.



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